Earth In Transition

In a world that’s undergoing a Sixth Mass Extinction, brought about largely by human activity, Earth in Transition explores the way we humans can relate positively to our fellow animals, to nature and to each other.


Life on Earth is now in the early days of a sixth mass extinction. Currently, roughly 200 species of animals are already going extinct each and every day.

More and more scientists are telling us that the extinction process is irreversible. The best case scenario is that a few very hardy species (extremophiles) will survive, setting life back to where it was millions, even billions, of years ago. The worst case scenario is that no life will survive.

To the best of our knowledge, there have been five previous mass extinctions. One of them, the Permian extinction, 250 million years ago, wiped out about 90 percent of life on Earth over a period of hundreds of thousands of years. The most recent, the Cretaceous, 65 million years ago, destroyed 75 percent of all life over thousands of years.

What’s unfolding now is the first extinction event to have been brought about by a single species – ourselves. And it’s happening at a rate that dwarfs what happened in any of the previous events.

How did this happen? Why is it that the situation for animals just keeps deteriorating? Why, even now, are the animal protection movement, the environmental movement, and people generally who care about what’s happening unable even to slow down what’s happening? Why is there more factory farming than ever, more vivisection, more exploitation of the animals, and more destruction of the land, the oceans and the atmosphere?

In the field of animal protection, while there have been small improvements, like a reduction in the number of homeless pets being killed in shelters, we must acknowledge that the animal protection movement overall has failed in its mission.

That’s not a criticism of all the people and organizations who are doing everything they can to help. It means that something deeper is going on – something that underlies our relationship to our fellow animals and the world of nature.

Our purpose on Earth in Transition is to understand what’s gone wrong with that relationship and to work together to do whatever can be done to reduce the suffering of our fellow animals in the years ahead.

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