11th Amazing Earthfest Documentary Films Focus on Climate Change; Ways to Respond

May 1, 2017                                                                                                        PRESS RELEASE

Contact: Rich Csenge, Festival Director

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11th Amazing Earthfest Documentary Films Focus on Climate Change; Ways to Respond

By Rich Csenge, Director, Amazing Earthfest

The big screen is a mesmerizing force in modern lifestyles. From TV to live streaming; the local movie theater, to Netflix, to video games; we Americans spend a lot of our daily lives gazing at screens. Add our time on computers, smart phones, tablets, Facebook, etc. and one wonders how we get anything done! Even more important though, is how all this “screen time” is affecting us personally, in community and society at large.  What are we learning? Do our viewing choices advance understanding or deepen personal empowerment? In stressful times, these can be critical to enhancing quality of life.

Kanab’s annual Amazing Earthfest is dedicated to delivering award-winning documentary films on a range of contemporary topics of interest and concern.  Things folks might be talking about around the kitchen table, or hearing in the news. This year’s selections, set for May 14-16 at Crescent Moon Theater in Kanab, Utah, are focused on Climate Change. The topic is getting a lot of attention as tornadic storms, fires, droughts, floods and massive human migrations occur across the globe. What is climate change? Why is it happening? How serious is it? Why should I care? How can I respond effectively?

The enormous complexity of a changing climate carries weighty consequences for generations to come. Facing this fact can be emotionally disabling. It’s easier to just look away; indulge in denial, seek out distraction and entertainment or focus on family life. But increasingly, our conscience whispers, “How can this be happening? What does it portend for my future, our children and grandchildren, and what am I willing to do about it”?  Indeed, as an individual, what CAN I do?

Through documentary film, Amazing Earthfest offers a rare opportunity to act at a personal level by becoming better informed. Witness facts about global warming and learn ways to engage in healthy responses. Nine award-winning documentaries screened free of charge at Crescent Moon Theater will comprehensively address the issue. Here are the titles. See you there!

After Winter, Spring explores family farming in the French countryside at a turning point in history. Anthropocene examines the current well-being and prospects for the long term survival of humanity in an emerging epoch where, by far, human activity and lifestyle choices create the greatest impact upon our planet. Biophilic Design illustrates innovative ways to design places where we live, work, and learn. How to Let Go of the World explores the human qualities that global warming can’t destroy. Just Eat It looks at food waste from farm, through retail, to your own fridge. Minimalism takes us beyond consumption; offering ideas for simpler, more meaningful lives. Planetary reveals the profound relationships we are awakening to with each other and with our Earth home since manned space flight began. Revolution demonstrates how young people worldwide are leading a global movement to stem climate change. The Future of Energy proves that renewable power is not just a dream, but a viable option now.

Full descriptions, show-times and dates are at www.AmazingEarthfest.org/events.

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