Experiential Learning in the Vanguard of Tourism

Experiential Learning in the Vanguard of Tourism

Southern Utah’s 12th Annual Amazing Earthfest, May 13-19 in Kanab, Utah, offers hikes, rides, concerts, lectures and documentary films to enrich the spirit!


In the words of William L. Smith, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Business Administration and Education at Emporia State University, Kansas, traditional package tours and vacations with low levels of personal involvement are giving way worldwide to experiential tourism that enables visitors to actively participate in gaining new experiences, drawing people outdoors, and into cultures and communities. Nature tourism, focused on adventure, ecology, arts and heritage are expressions of the transformational travel experience. Opportunities for individual enrichment, enlightenment, stimulation, and engagement attract people to places and expand personal horizons to offer a sense of accomplishment and create unique memories.

Among the more than 30 free scheduled activities that distinguish the 2018 Amazing Earthfest, you can choose to learn about National Scenic and Historic Trails and Wild Rivers, discover the exquisite Archaic rock art of the Great Gallery in Canyonlands National Park, visit Antarctica through the imagery and stories of local adventure explorer/photographers, hike to a hidden Puebloan pictograph site with a BLM archaeologist, or to a dinosaur track site with a paleontologist. Venture into a slot canyon with a local guide, participate in a trail cleanup and mountain bike ride on the Arizona Strip or attend a potluck social dinner party and meet scholars, land managers and activists who know, love and cherish America’s public lands. These are the kind of experiences that can become rooted in fond memory for decades.

As day transitions to night, Amazing Earthfest 2018 offers a suite of award-winning documentary films, exquisite piano recitals in the classical style by the virtuosic Navajo Pianist Connor Chee, as well as gritty folk music performances straight from the heart to connect your spirit to the land. Powerful, impactful films addressing some of the most engaging issues of our time, including selections from the 2018 Wild & Scenic Film Festival provided by the Glen Canyon Natural History Association are free at Amazing Earthfest. Add a half dozen adventures in solar and deep night sky viewing through astronomical quality telescopes with knowledgeable interpreters, and you have  a stunningly rewarding travel experience unavailable anywhere else.

While there is no fee for admission to Kanab’s Amazing Earthfest, voluntary contributions are graciously accepted through the website, on Facebook, and at the events of the festival. Tickets to attend one of three classical piano recitals by Connor Chee during the 2018 Earthfest are available at the door or in advance at Eventbrite, or at www.AmazingEarthfest.org/events

It is the mission of the nonprofit Amazing Earthfest to inspire and educate residents and visitors to value stewardship of natural and cultural resources on America’s public lands, and to explore responsibility to present and future generations. Details on each scheduled activity at the 12th annual festival are on line at www.AmazingEarthfest.org.





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