Southern Utah’s Amazing Earthfest Celebrates Public Lands; Cultivates Collaborative Style

May 11, 2017                                                                                                      PRESS RELEASE

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Southern Utah’s Amazing Earthfest Celebrates Public Lands; Cultivates Collaborative Style

At a time when discord over the future of Western public lands is running wild, here’s an alternative that could shed some light on the conversation. Why not expand your genuine, first-hand experience of public lands through observation, deep listening and immersion in learning activities? That’s what distinguishes Southern Utah’s Amazing Earthfest as a signature festival of the Intermountain West region. Celebrating our connections to beautiful public land, and learning more about best management practices for that land is truly memorable, and transformative!

One measure of the richness of a community is found in its ability to collaborate. By teaming up with inspired individuals, dynamic local groups, innovative business owners, dedicated nonprofit organizations, and with land management agency staff who steward America’s magnificent National Parks, Forests, Monuments and Public Lands, Amazing Earthfest offers a unique festival/vacation experience. Individuals, community and government alike benefit from this. Here’s a look at a few of the forty events set to begin at Earthfest on May 14, in Kanab, Utah.

WinGate Wilderness Therapy’s presentation at the 11th Amazing Earthfest 2017 titled, Healing in the Desert, is bound to be one of this year’s most inspiring and one not to be missed! “Discover Your Path. Discover Your Purpose. Discover Your Life.”, says Shayne Gallagher, Founder and Director of WinGate, based in Kanab, Utah, an impressive center for re-directing troubled youth to achieving their full potential. The healing occurs out in the wilds of the Grand Staircase, where the austere natural beauty of a national monument creates the conditions for successfully restoring a young life to wholeness.

The WinGate team has “a deep seated belief that every person, including each of the students they serve, is capable of dramatic, internal change. Part of real change is the return to, or discovery of oneself. When detrimental issues are effectively addressed personal characteristics are uncovered, revealing a unique, talented and gifted person”. Now, who would not want that for themselves and their loved ones? Communities benefit too, when they can resolve issues through deep listening, trust and shared purpose. There’s a teachable moment here.

In another demonstration of collaboration, Earthfest opens its annual festival on Mother’s Day with Invocation to Sustainability, an event blending science, music, art, poetry and lecture to evoke personal centering in the heart of red rock splendor. This occasion creates an inner sanctuary for connecting to place, to community and to the inner self. Special guests this year include Springdale Pianist, Composer and Author Dr. Kate Jewel performing original music inspired by Zion National Park and written especially for the 11th Amazing Earthfest!

Delivering the keynote address, Dr. Kirk Robinson, Philosopher, Founder and Executive Director of the Western Wildlife Conservancy, will explore “The Idea of Wildness”. Presenting this year’s “Invocation to Sustainability”, Wildlife Rehabilitator, Co-Founder of Best Friends Animal Society, and Co Founder of Wild Kane County Sharon St. Joan, reveals her perception that nature, often regarded in material terms, is in fact not just a thing but a living presence of which we are an inseparable part and for which we have natural reverence.

Botanist, public lands advocate and backpacker Mary O’Brien, Utah Forests Program Director for Grand Canyon Trust, in her program, Grazing on the Colorado Plateau, outlines 10 ways to improve livestock management practices so that other important public land values such as wildlife, flowers, pollinators, springs, and biological soil crusts thrive.

In Raising Grass-Fed Beef, learn how the Heaton Family at Bar 10 Ranch came full circle to direct market their own Gourmet Grass-Fed Beef just as their ancestors once did, four generations ago. This event covers the history of cattle in America, the importance of linear measuring to improve herd genetics, the significance of healthy soil and how to build fertility to graze for the future while producing the best tasting, most nutritious beef available.

Introducing Kelly Heaton’s Bar 10 Ranch presentation, John Flatberg of Heartwater Farm will discuss how planned rotational grazing and grass farming can increase diversity, provide wildlife habitat, increase farm income and sequester carbon into the soil. Holistic management, regenerative agriculture, resilience farming, and Permaculture have potential to help save the land, the community and the culture of ranching. Also from Heartwater, be sure to catch Permaculture, featuring a visit to the farm to witness and learn about integrated, sustainable farming in practice in Utah.

Insightful, inspired programs like these elicit broad community participation and support. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend as many events as you can. See all forty scheduled activities outlined in detail at Print copies of the Schedule can be obtained at area businesses, hotels, restaurants and visitor centers throughout southern Utah. Admission to all events is free! Voluntary donations to the nonprofit Amazing Earthfest are graciously accepted online, or at any one of the week’s exciting and informative events.


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